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Toronto Tap Dance Intensive – Everett Smith Interview

15 Sep

2010 Toronto Tap Dance Intensive – Everett Smith Interview

Shawn Byfield, owner of Toronto’s BDX studio chats with good friend Everett Smith. If you didn’t know, Everett is a Canadian success story: Tap Dogs, Canada’s Olympic tap dance team, director of Tap Dance Centre in Mississauga and top 4 finalist on season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

Watch the video to learn about Everett’s humble beginnings and his view on Canadian dance.

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Toronto Tap Dance at BDX – Night Train

29 Nov

Toronto Tap Dance at BDX – Night Train

A recent (and fun) tap dance lesson. Man, I love this song. Enjoy, and feel free to use some of the steps for your own tap choreography! If you do, share the love and send the link to your video so I can see what you did.


– Shawn B

Exciting News For Tap Dancers in Toronto

27 Nov
Shawn Byfield tap shoes

Shawn Byfield tap shoes

What’s the exciting tap dance news, you ask?

Well if you live and tap dance in Toronto (or anywhere in the GTA), let me just say the secret is out… I’ll be having a Holiday benefit concert at Six Degrees Nightclub. Sunday December 14th, 7 pm.

I’m looking to raise funds to start building a dance studio in Toronto! And that means, one with a great dance floor for tap dancers. Sprung hardwood. Bright space. Good acoustics. This will allow me to have more dance space and classes for my current tap dance and hip hop students, and open the doors to new members.

What’s really exciting, is I want to build a dance space in Toronto for performing companies, choreographers and other dance artists as a place to create new ideas, collaborate, and inspire each other. Which also allows for better dance choreography and shows.

I’ll even open the dance studio doors to informal and formal performances.

All of this, of course, requires cash… and lots of it. That’s why I’m having an event to raise awareness and funds. Check out the details here:


I’d LOVE to have a dance space ready for you by the summer, but who knows how long these things take. The important part is, I’m taking action. One tap step at a time. Sooner or later, this dance space will be built!

– SB

Tap Dance Love in Toronto

14 Jul

What an awesome weekend of tap dance love!

So, if Saturday’s awesome “Dixieland” themed tap classes weren’t enough workout for me, I had a dance related film shoot starting at 6:45 am on Sunday, right downtown Toronto all morning to afternoon. VERY fun times.

I then held an audition Sunday afternoon for a tap dance intensive I’ll be running in August.

The room was HOT and SWEATY. We had the tap audition at Metro Movement dance studio, if you’ve ever taken a dance class there you know what I mean… 😉 and the energy was great. I started with a bit of ear training, a quick tap warm up, and got right into a routine to a favourite Thelonious Monk tune of mine.

I couldn’t move my legs much last night from all the dancing… But hey, nobody said the life of a tap dancer would be an easy one!

Congrats to everyone that participated in the audition, and thank you to everyone that shared your love of tap dancing this weekend in Toronto!

– Shawn B


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