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Nicholas Brothers Tap Dance Routine

1 Jan
The Nicholas Brothers tap dancers

The Nicholas Brothers tap dancers

Here’s a tap dance video of my favourite tap dancin’ duo, Harold and Fayard Nicholas, the Nicholas Brothers, in Stormy Weather.

Athleticism, syncopation, grace, and all round dynamic hoofin was their trademark style. And, they did it in suits. Classy! Band directed by Cab Calloway.

Nicholas Brothers Dance Routine in Stormy Weather

Nothing compares to the Nicholas Brothers… They’re a great example for all hoofers to learn tap steps from. I like to inpsire all my Toronto tap dance students with videosĀ  from this duo. Stuff like this inspires us all to learn how to tap dance.

Or, learn how to tap dance better. Heck, I can literally watch videos of the brothers for hours!

What you think?

– Shawn Byfield

Tap Dance Music For Tap Class

25 Jul

Hey Tappers!

Shawn Byfield (me!) being crazy as usual

Shawn Byfield (me!) being crazy as usual

I’ve just compiled a list of recent tap music I’ve used in my tap dance classes lately, just in case anyone was looking for new tunes:

Get On The Boat – Prince
Bright Mississippi – Thelonious Monk
The Grand Marshall – Wynton Marsalis Septet
El Conguero – Poncho Sanchez 2 tracks
Soul Power – Maceo Parker
Gimme One Of Those – Brand New Heavies
Mr. Bojangles – Robbie Williams
Natural Mystic – Bob Marley

You can check out iTunes to see if they got ’em. Use the music for your own tap class. I’ll keep posting more tap music periodically throughout the year. Happy hoofin!

– Shawn B


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