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Sweet Tap Dance With Shugga

30 Dec

Happy Holidays tap dance friends!

Here’s recent tap dance footage from a holiday gig I did with my favourite Toronto funk band Shugga.  Shows a little live hoofin, all of it improvised (I was talking about tap dance improvisation in my last post). Because I jam with the band often, I can direct and interact WHILE I dance. Check it out:

Shawn Byfield Tap Dance With Shugga

Pretty cool stuff! Happy tappin,

– Shawn Byfield

PS: Check out my schedule for Toronto tap classes here. Get yo’ dance on in 2009!

Tap Dance Meets Sudan

23 Sep

Here’s a snippet of a friggin’ cool tap dance performance I did at Rose Theatre (Brampton, Ontario) with my very talented and inspiring friend Waleed Abdulhamid:

Tap Dance Performance part 1

Waleed “Kush” plays just about any instrument, and I play… well, I tried to keep up playing my taps! It’s part of a promo for the theatre. And here’s part two of the tap dance performance, this time with flute:

Tap Dance Performance part 2

Yeah, I still got it. Let’s see those contestants on So You Think You Can Dance Canada keep up with ME! 😉 Now you know what I do, besides choreograph, produce shows and teach tap class. Leave your comments and share the love.

– Shawn B


How To Do An Inspiring Tap Dance Routine

13 Jun

Just so you know, Gregory Hines was that “spark” for me. He was the whole reason I put on my first pair of tap shoes- I still remember the day I wanted to be free like him. To just tap dance, and share that joy with everyone.

He may be gone, but definitely not forgotten. It’s amazing how his hoofin’ still inspires us today!

I just found this tap video from 1995, and it gets me inspired- yet again. This video is how you do it right. Clear tap sounds, wonderful musicality, and two talented artists passionate about their craft.

If this performance don’t make you want to take a tap dance class, well… keep watching! Maybe you’ll wanna learn to play bass instead… that Stanley is one bad mofo. What a pair! =)

Tap Dance Video: Stanley Clarke with Gregory Hines on Arsenio Hall Show

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