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Toronto Tap Dance Intensive – Everett Smith Interview

15 Sep

2010 Toronto Tap Dance Intensive – Everett Smith Interview

Shawn Byfield, owner of Toronto’s BDX studio chats with good friend Everett Smith. If you didn’t know, Everett is a Canadian success story: Tap Dogs, Canada’s Olympic tap dance team, director of Tap Dance Centre in Mississauga and top 4 finalist on season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

Watch the video to learn about Everett’s humble beginnings and his view on Canadian dance.

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Proof That Tap Dancers Make Great Drummers!

6 Nov

SYTYCDC Drummers

SYTYCDC Drummers

Just a shot of me playing in the finale episode of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, season two. I was a drummer for the afro-jazz number choreographed by Sean Cheeseman. Notice that I’m the shortest one also… =P See more photos on CTV website.

FYI: Tap dancers do make good percussionists! Remember we’re musicians also, have great musicality, understand time and are used to using our inner metronome. We drum with our feet!

Here’s How To Get Your Tap Dance On Every Week… Click For Info.

– Shawn B


Will Season Two of SYTYCD Canada Beat Season One?

16 Feb
Why no tap dance in SYTYCD Canada?

Why no tap dance in SYTYCD Canada?

Yesterday, I was in the studio working on tap dance choreography, creating a competition solo for a very talented teen tap dancer, Mike. We used a Linkin Park tune, some hard core rock tap dancing. Gonna be sweet when we’re done.

After rehearsal, Mike, his mom and I talked about things that frustrated us about So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Like, that fact that there was no TAP dance anywhere in the show.

Yes, we know tap dance is hard to learn in such a limited time period. But come on… you mean to tell me CTV couldn’t find one tap dance video to show? Or they couldn’t have a tap dance number open just one elimination show?

I’m STILL wondering if the voting REALLY matters… because, well no offense to any dancers, but Izaak and Tamina were not technically as strong as some of the others. But they were on forever. Both Breanne and Romina were voted off way too early…

I don’t think cameras were rehearsed enough to truly showcase the choreography… and I don’t think all the judges had enough constructive feedback for the contestants.

But I DO think Leah looked fabulous! Girl, WERRK those heels and dresses. Call me… =)

By the way, you can read the  first press release for Season Two of So You Think You Can Dance Canada here.

Anyway. There were a lot of things I loved about SYTYCD Canada (yes Nico DOES rock), but I feel a few choices could have made our production much better.

What do you think? What you think was lacking in our first season? Do you think it was inspiring? Do you think the show could improve on stuff?

Let’s discuss. Or praise, or rant, or whatever…

– Shawn B

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