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TAP DANCERS: The Ugly Reality Check About Dancing In A Comfort Bubble

2 May

Taking a tap dance class in Toronto? Here’s terrific wisdom every tap dancer should take to heart. Apply to not just tap dance class, but to every dance style you do!


Wisdom to take to any tap dance class in Toronto or worldwide.

BDX Tap Dance Studio in Toronto Commercial

27 Apr

BDX Tap Dance Studio in Toronto Commercial

Need your fix for a Toronto tap dance class? Drop by Byfield Dance Experience. Tap dance or hip hop… It’s ALL good.

Warning: this video may induce laughter!

– SB

Proof That Tap Dancers Make Great Drummers!

6 Nov

SYTYCDC Drummers

SYTYCDC Drummers

Just a shot of me playing in the finale episode of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, season two. I was a drummer for the afro-jazz number choreographed by Sean Cheeseman. Notice that I’m the shortest one also… =P See more photos on CTV website.

FYI: Tap dancers do make good percussionists! Remember we’re musicians also, have great musicality, understand time and are used to using our inner metronome. We drum with our feet!

Here’s How To Get Your Tap Dance On Every Week… Click For Info.

– Shawn B


More Tap Dancing in Toronto!

19 Jul

Brush off your shoes, and get into a Toronto tap dance class!

Tap Dancing in Toronto

Tap Dancing in Toronto

Now there’s even more tap dancing in Toronto. Get your tap dance shoes out of the closet and get in a class. There’s a tap dance lesson for everyone, so get involved!

– Shawn Byfield

Tap Dance Lesson on TV

28 Apr

Want to learn how to tap dance? Here’s  a tap dance lesson from a television show I was on. The hosts had no tap dance training or experience, just a desire to learn!

I taught the hosts a very basic tap dance routine, and man, they were a blast. I literally taught this tap dance routine live on air, no pre-rehearsal. Fun times! Feel free to use the tap steps, and leave your comments on the video.

– Shawn Byfield

PS: Looking for tap dance lessons in person? Go here:


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