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Toronto Tap Dance Class Works The Rhythm

30 Dec
Toronto tap dance class at BDX Studio

Toronto tap dance class at BDX Studio

These dancers really worked their ears!

In this Toronto tap dance class, we worked on counter rhythms and teamwork, just like a Tap Dogs show. There are four parts. And the most important aspect of this tap class? Listening. Really using your ears. That’s the most important skill a fantastic tap dancer needs to master.

Can you hear the different rhythms?

Tap Dance Class in Toronto – BEHIND THE SCENES at BDX

Tap Dance Video – The Four Step Brothers

11 Dec

I love vintage tap dance videos… check out this display of rhythm and tap dance love from 1933.

Four Outstanding Tap Dancers

Tap dance is truly such an amazing art form. You get to express through movement, be a percussive musician, and sweat your pants off when it’s all over! I’m loving this video.

If you’re in Toronto, come drop by my dance studio and let’s tap!

– SB

Tap Dance Lesson With Bob Marley

30 Jul

Tap dance and Bob Marley unite! This is footage of some students tapdancing in Toronto last weekend.

Today’s video song is called Natural Mystic, from one of the most legendary singers in history: Bob Marley. The previous post has a list of other tap dancing music. Look up the songs, put yo’ tap shoes on and hit some wood.

Love the tap. Embrace the tap. Enjoy the tap!

– Shawn B

Tap Dance Lesson to Bob Marley


How To Do An Inspiring Tap Dance Routine

13 Jun

Just so you know, Gregory Hines was that “spark” for me. He was the whole reason I put on my first pair of tap shoes- I still remember the day I wanted to be free like him. To just tap dance, and share that joy with everyone.

He may be gone, but definitely not forgotten. It’s amazing how his hoofin’ still inspires us today!

I just found this tap video from 1995, and it gets me inspired- yet again. This video is how you do it right. Clear tap sounds, wonderful musicality, and two talented artists passionate about their craft.

If this performance don’t make you want to take a tap dance class, well… keep watching! Maybe you’ll wanna learn to play bass instead… that Stanley is one bad mofo. What a pair! =)

Tap Dance Video: Stanley Clarke with Gregory Hines on Arsenio Hall Show

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